Quarter Fleet Valley Blue

A hearty chunk of our popular blue cheese

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For those who have fallen in love with our deliciously creamy blue cheese, this full quarter cut should keep you going for a good few weeks!  Made from unpasteurised milk from our organic dairy farm that follows cow with calf rearing methods, we’ve designed this blue cheese to be full of flavour but gentle in tone.

Each blue cheese is ripened over three to four months on our traditional dairy farm, based in the Fleet Valley.  This maturation results in a silky texture with an even veining of blue and lingering flavour notes on the finish.

All our cheeses are made with vegetarian rennet.

One quarter of a full Fleet Valley Blue. Some variation in weight is likely. A quarter typically weighs between 0.8-1kg

Your cheese order will be delivered in Woolcool bags, a system of eco-friendly insulated packaging made from sheep’s wool. These special cool bags keep our cheeses below  5oC  for 48 hours so that they reach you perfectly chilled and ready to enjoy. Cheeses are sent using a next day delivery courier service, however please bear in mind that very occasionally delivery can be delayed. The Sorba-freeze ice packs we use are reusable, they can be dehydrated (on a radiator) and rehydrated with water and refrozen.