Changes at Cream o' Galloway

Tue, 05/09/2023 - 08:26am

UPDATE 7th October 2023

Cream o’ Galloway Visitor Centre will be re-opening on 14th October under the new management of Brymor Ice Cream from North Yorkshire.

Paul Hodgson, who is the owner of Brymor, is familiar with Dumfries and Galloway, having grown up on a farm outside Balmaclellan.

He commented:

“We are delighted to be collaborating with the team at Cream of Galloway, and I’m pleased that re-opening the visitor centre secures the jobs of the current members of staff. Many people have had wonderful and happy times at Cream o’ Galloway Visitor Centre over the years, and long may this continue.

“Cream o’ Galloway is a fabulous, cherished, and loved ice cream, and we are looking forward to increasing the stockists for it. Production of ice cream on-site has already increased, and the visitor centre will re-open on Saturday 14th October.

“There are numerous synergies and similarities to Brymor in North Yorkshire, which is also a quality farm-made ice cream. We are looking forward to building upon the excellent legacy created by David and Wilma Finlay. On a personal note, it is particularly exciting to come back home to Galloway.”

Cream o’ Galloway ice cream will continue to be made to the same recipe and range of flavours, such as the hugely popular flavours of Gooseberry & Elderflower and Caramel Shortbread.

Brymor, based at High Jervaulx Farm, Masham, has been manufacturing award winning premium dairy ice cream on the farm for 40 years. The new ownership has been agreed in principle pending completion later this year.

Rainton Farm, where Cream o’ Galloway is based, and its sister business The Ethical Dairy, remain owned and managed by the Finlay family. Milk from the pioneering cow-with-calf dairy farm will continue to be used in the manufacture of Cream o’ Galloway ice cream.


What this means for The Ethical Dairy:

  • Sale of fresh milk at the visitor centre is expected to restart, date tbc  
  • Events and activities for The Ethical Dairy remain bookable via Cream o' Galloway at the present time, booking will move to our website soon



Yesterday Wilma and David announced that the visitor centre of our sister company Cream o' Galloway is to close on 17th September 2023.

The closure of Cream o' Galloway visitor centre will mean two important changes for us:

1. After 17th September, we will no longer be selling fresh milk or cheese on-site

2. Cheese making workshops and David's farm tours were paused for booking, but are now open again, with booking continuing via the Cream o' Galloway website for the time being.

If you've read Wilma and David's book, you'll know that Cream o' Galloway visitors very much influenced the exploration of cow-with-calf dairy farming on the farm.

The Ethical Dairy and Cream o' Galloway have always been run as separate businesses. Therefore, please be assured that the closure of the visitor centre will not affect the way we farm, or the production of cheese.

However, the next few weeks will be a period of transition for everyone who works on the farm, so if it takes us a little longer than usual to respond to emails or questions, please bear with us.

Thank you.