Visit The Ethical Dairy

We welcome visitors to our farm throughout the year. We are located in south west Scotland, near Gatehouse of Fleet. Visit us to buy cheese, take part in an event, have a bite to eat in our cafe, explore our nature trails or enjoy an ice cream. We share a visitor centre on our farm with our sister company, Cream o‘ Galloway. Please check the opening times before visiting. All events must be booked in advance.

The Ethical Dairy Farm Tour

This farm tour is led personally by our farmer David Finlay who has pioneered cow-with-calf dairy farming on our farm, harnessing natural systems and using agroecological principles. This event is in-depth and is designed primarily for adults with an interest in the environment, animal welfare, climate, ecology and / or food policy. Farmers are welcome to attend.

You will go on a walking tour of our farm and you’ll have the opportunity to meet the cows and their calves. You will hear an explanation of our farming system and how our approach differs from conventional dairy farming. David will explain what soil carbon sequestration is, and will share how recent recovery of 25 years of soil data shows that our farm is carbon negative. He will also talk about the ecology of our farm, and the increase we've seen in biodiversity.

David will explain what regenerative farming means, and will discuss the environmental impacts of different farming approaches, in particular the positive environmental role that grass-fed livestock play in regenerative farming systems. The discussion topics will be informed by the interests of attendees and you will be free to ask questions throughout this event.

While this event is designed to take 2 hours, if there are lots of questions it can - and often does - run on longer. We find that people participating in this event tend to have specific areas of interest and often ask very thought provoking questions that lead to fascinating group discussions. David is keen that this event is participatory and responsive to the interests of participants.

"This tour has been a formative moment in my life."  Anthony Sergeant, Veterinary Surgeon MRCVS

"This was a truly inspiring insight into a farm and farmer who are providing solutions and alternatives to unsustainable modern dairy. I felt I was given a huge amount of information but also, even more importantly, I was given hope that alternatives are possible."  Rona Munro

"If you are interested in where your food comes from and why it matters then you will find this tour fascinating and informative! Farmer David has an easy, natural way with words and the tour is just the right length to be in-depth and interesting for all."  Laurence Heron