Cheese Update 7 May 2021

Fri, 07/05/2021 - 17:03pm

***Cheese Update***

This is the time of year when our cheese stocks levels start to need managing, and if you’ve looked at our online shop recently you’ll have seen a few of our products are currently out of stock.

It’s all part of the slightly seasonal nature of our cheese due to the seasonal fat composition of our milk, which is, of course, because of the way we farm.

So, we’ve made some temporary changes to some of our bundles to help with stock management. The biggest challenge is Fleet Valley Blue, so we are putting Barlocco Blue in the Triple Pack and Ethical Cheeseboard bundles for the next month or so. Barlocco is particularly lovely at the moment – an intense creamy blue – so we hope that change will delight rather than disappoint!

Rainton Tomme is also low in stock right now, so we’re substituting Cheddar in some bundles.

The flip side of us being low in our core cheeses is that we have the return of our ‘Skinny’ range – cheeses made with our seasonal lower fat milk. Skinny Gold is available now, and Skinny Red will be available in around a month’s time.

A final heads up… if you enjoy smoked cheese, don’t place your order this weekend! We will have a delicious experiment joining the website, probably the middle of next week, that we think is worth waiting for.