On Christmas Cheese

Mon, 26/11/2018 - 15:50pm

If you follow our posts on social media you might have noticed that for the past few months our posts have been completely devoid of sales messages encouraging you to buy cheese.  It’s not that we don’t want you to buy our cheese (of course we do!) it’s just that for the past few months demand has been a lot higher than expected. 

We also knew Christmas was coming up, as it does every year, and with Christmas comes an increased need for cheese.  We have been trying to maintain stocks and hold cheese back, so much so that an apology has already gone out to our wholesale customers advising them that we will only be able to fulfil 50% of their orders, and we have pulled out of local Christmas markets, but then the Guardian mentioned us in an article and our website sales went bonkers (thank you for your amazing support Guardian-readers!).

This blog post is an apology in advance for anyone we let down this festive season through lack of cheese.  In true Christmas fashion we have been making a list, and checking it twice, and we now know that Christmas orders will almost certainly exceed our capacity to supply.

The problem is that our cheese takes a minimum of 8 weeks (Bluebell) and up to 9 months (Carrick) to mature and until we move into the new cheese dairy we simply don’t have the space to make and store the volume of cheese that we now need to produce.  The good news is that your amazingly generous support during our crowdfunding campaign will enable that move to happen faster (very soon in fact!), but for this Christmas stocks are low.

Therefore, if you would like to order cheese for delivery in time for Christmas we recommend you do so soon.  You can order now and delay delivery till nearer Christmas if you prefer.  Our final delivery date is 19th December. 

What is listed on this website right now is what we know we have currently available, and we will be removing products as they sell out.  We might have a few additional batches of cheese ready for despatch from 12 Dec, but we will need to check them nearer the time.  If we are able to release more cheese for pre-Christmas sale we will post on our social media pages.

Delivery dates for January are now live on the site, so if we don’t have the cheese you want over Christmas we will almost certainly have it in stock from January onwards.  Thank you once again for your support, the past few months have been an amazing journey and your support for what we are trying to do here is just incredible.