Christmas Cheese Orders 2021

Sat, 13/11/2021 - 14:25pm

ORDER DEADLINE:  Noon on Friday 10th December

Blog updated: 4 December

This is a summary of key details about cheese availability and final ordering and delivery dates for Christmas 2021. We will update this blog regularly as our stock situation changes and as delivery slots fill up.

Cheese Availability

There is currently good availability of most cheeses for December delivery, with the exception of Carrick, which is very low in stock. 

Bluebell will be at its best over the Christmas and New Year period. You can place your order for Bluebell (and bundles containing it) now, for delivery on 15th or 16th December. Bluebell availability is now restricted, so the standard Selection Pack bundle is now out of stock.

Cheddar is now very limited in stock.

If you wish to enjoy either Cheddar or Bluebell this Christmas, we strongly recommend placing your order fairly soon as both have limited availability and we expect both these products to sell out. 

Christmas Bundles & New Products

We have sustainable jute bags and aprons available to purchase again, and we have also made the chutney and oatcake pack (included in Cheesy Night In) available to buy as a stand alone item. We also have a special Christmas bundle, which we've called The Ethical Hamper, which includes six different cheeses with a wide range of flavour profiles, chutney, oatcakes and a bag. We have a new festive Selection Pack with Barlocco Blue bundle, which includes four standard 150g wedges, plus a 250g wedge of Barlocco Blue.


We are taking a very cautious approach to delivery this Christmas because of the widely reported issues in the delivery industry. Our final delivery dates before Christmas are 15 and 16 December (selected postcodes will receive deliveries on the 17th December). Deliveries will restart on 12th January. So that's a lengthy window without deliveries, and you might be wondering about best before dates...

Best Before Dates

Earlier in the year we did a thorough test of best before dates for our full range, and we have moved to at least 4 weeks on our blue, and at least 5 weeks on our non-blue cheeses. So deliveries in mid-December should still be good in mid-January, if you select our standard packaging (in other words, plastic...). If you choose a non-plastic wrapper option, please, please, please seal your cheese well as soon as it arrives to help keep it at its best for as long as possible. 

Bluebell is the cheese with the shortest best before date, and the Christmas batch is being managed to be at its best over the Christmas and New Year period.

Full Cheeses

If you visited our online shop last week you might have seen full and half cheeses become available for sale, before being removed from the shop a few days later. Due to the weight variations between individual cheeses we have decided to make full cheeses available for sale this Christmas on request only. We have full cheeses of Fleet Valley Blue, Laganory and Rainton Tomme available.

If you would like to buy one, please email us with the cheese you'd like to buy and we'll go and weigh one, confirm the price and allocate it to you so you can check out.

Our full cheeses are sold at a lower £/kg compared with a 500g wedge, so they're a popular choice for people who go through a lot of cheese, or who are looking for a centrepiece for a get together or celebration. To order, email us on .

Cheese Subscriptions

3, 6 and 12 month cheese subscriptions are now available again, and the process of scheduling your subscription deliveries is now much more streamlined. You can purchase a subscription directly, perhaps for yourself or for someone whose cheese tastes you know, or you can purchase a voucher for a subscription to give as a gift. The voucher will let the recipient choose the start date of their subscription, and will also let them choose their cheese preferences, for example, no blue cheese. The subscriptions are now available in our online shop.