The story behind our #coosday livestreams

Mon, 23/07/2018 - 23:43pm

Several months ago, just after the excitement of the cows and calves going out to pasture for the summer, we took a moment to quietly watch them, all relaxed and happy munching away on the lush green grass in beautiful countryside.

"Isn't this lovely," we thought.  "Maybe other people would also enjoy taking a few moments out of their busy day to watch our cows chewing the cud in the quiet countryside." 

We decided to have a go on Tuesdays, re-named #coosdays on Scottish social media (courtesy of VisitScotland who like to demonstrate each Tuesday just how attractive cows look in the Scottish countryside).  

Our first attempt was quite shortlived - did we successfully stream or not? We weren't very sure. Second and third attempts were wobbly but we were getting more confident. Fourth attempt, equipped with a new broadband connection, a tripod and - most importantly - a second pair of hands, we cracked it. A successful livestream from the midst of the cows and calves directly to facebook.  But was it relaxing?  Not really...

And over the last few weeks we've started to wonder, who is watching whom?

As the calves are getting older they're getting more confident and more inquisitive.  So much so that we suspect a behind the scenes video of our #coosday livestream might well be more entertaining than the livestream itself!