Blue Cooking Cheese (500g)

Tastes more blue than it looks!

In our determination to minimise the environmental impact of everything we do, we decided to trust nature rather than technology in maintaining a cheese-friendly stable-ish temperature in our cheese maturing room.  The reason we did this is that the beautifully thick old stone walls in the building should create a cave-like atmosphere.  It works really well… most of the time. 

A very hot spell of weather in summer 2020 meant the air didn’t circulate in the usual way in a few batches of blue cheese at a critical stage in their development. So what we have is a hard cheese that tastes like blue, but generally doesn’t look very blue at all. 

It’s not up to our usual standards and the texture is much firmer than we'd want, but it still tastes good. This means it's ideal for blue cheese on toast, sauces or for flavouring tarts or quiches.

500g wedge

£20 per kg

Your cheese order will be delivered in Woolcool bags, a system of eco-friendly insulated packaging made from sheep’s wool. These special cool bags keep our cheeses below  5oC  for 48 hours so that they reach you perfectly chilled and ready to enjoy. Cheeses are sent using a next day delivery courier service, however occasionally delivery can be delayed. This is happening more frequently during the coronavirus crisis and so we cannot guarantee delivery on your requested date. Please be reassured that our insulated packaging and chill packs have been designed to accommodate a 48 hour delivery window. Therefore, if you receive your cheese a day later than expected, the cheese will be absolutely fine. The Sorba-freeze ice packs we use are reusable, they can be dehydrated (on a radiator) and rehydrated with water and refrozen.

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