Farm Tour for Vegans 21 May 2020

A one-off event to provide an overview of our farm

  • Description

11am – 2pm on 21 May 2020. This event is capped at 20 attendees.

Your event includes: 

  • 2 hour farm tour led by David where you will meet the cows and calves
  • Vegan lunch 
  • Discussion about regenerative farming and environmental impact 
  • Q&A with David and Wilma 

This is a one-off event to provide an overview of our farm and to answer questions from people following a vegan or predominantly plant based diet.  This event is being designed to create a safe space where visitors with concerns about farming can ask questions directly to our farm team.

Visitors will go on a tour of our farm led personally by David.  You will have the opportunity to meet the cows and calves.  Please remember that minimising stress to the animals on our farm is a priority, therefore anyone being disruptive or causing stress to the animals on the farm will be asked to leave immediately. 

During the farm tour David will explain our farming system and how our approach differs from conventional dairy farming.  He will explain what regenerative farming means, and discuss the environmental impacts of different farming approaches.  The discussion topics will be informed by the interests of attendees and you will be free to ask questions throughout this event. 

Essential information

A vegan lunch will be provided in Cream o’ Galloway Visitor Centre, our sister business which is located on our farm.  We will fully respect the dietary choices of attendees and therefore will not provide any product samples of our dairy products during this event.  

Partners or friends who may not be following a plant based diet are welcome to attend.  However, we are asking everyone attending this event, regardless of their personal dietary choices, to be respectful and sensitive in their comments and questions to those who choose to avoid animal products. 

Following the event you are welcome to explore our nature trails.

This event includes some walking on rough farm roads and climbing some internal stairs. If you have accessibility requirements please contact us before booking to discuss.

Please Note: All bookings must be made by 5pm the evening before.