Delivery & Stock Availability

*Updated 18 May 2020*

Stock Levels & Cheese Availability

For the next month or two our cheese availability is low and products may go in and out of stock regularly as we manage batches.

The reason is that at the start of the year our milk has a very low fat content because all the cows have their calves with them. We naturally get less milk, but the cows, cleverly, give us skimmed milk and keep the cream for their calves.

In previous years we have made our standard cheeses with the low fat milk, but we were rarely happy with the quality.  This year we decided to experiment with new cheeses made from the low fat milk, hence the birth of the 'Skinny' range.

Unfortunately this low stock situation means that most of our core range of cheeses will be popping in and out of stock on the website, and this situation is likely to last until around late June. Our Taster Pack will remain in stock for as long as we can manage, but due to very low availability of Fleet Valley Blue, the blue cheese in this pack will be our new Barlocco Blue cheese during May and most of June.

Our limited edition 'test' batches from our low fat winter milk are all now in the shop. Skinny Blue has sold out (it will return next year), and only a few packs of Skinny Gold remain. Skinny Red joins the line up today. The first batch of Fusion is nearly all gone, but we have a second batch that's almost good to go.

We have a big batch of Cheddar that's become available, and a very small batch of Cooking Cheese - cheese that's great for cheese sauces and cheese on toast, but not so good on a cheeseboard.

We are also today launching Barlocco Blue - a smooth, creamy, medium blue cheese made with pasturised milk. We'd love a bit of feedback on this product as it's one we are considering adding to our regular line up.

Delivery & Packaging

While we always request overnight delivery, we are unable to guarantee it - on occasion our couriers may be a day late in delivering your package. This is happening more frequently during the coronavirus crisis due to increased demand on delivery services across the UK. Please be reassured that our insulated packaging and chill packs have been designed to accommodate a 48 hour delivery window. Therefore, if you receive your cheese a day later than expected, the cheese will be absolutely fine.  

If you need to contact us, please email rather than phone. You can reach us on – since our office team are now working from home we are not usually able to answer the phone at this time.  If you would prefer to speak to us by phone, please email us and provide your phone number, and we’ll give you a call back.

Thank you.