Highlands and Islands Delivery Update

Thu, 06/12/2018 - 10:59am

Those of you who live in the Highlands or Islands and have tried to place an order from our online shop will have noticed the eye-watering courier charges - getting chill packs from rural southern Scotland to rural north of Scotland overnight has been challenging to say the least. Thank you for your patience and your tolerance while we figured out a work around, which we think we now have.

For orders with a product weight of less than 1.5kg standard delivery charges now apply anywhere in the UK, including H&I. That means order values of less than £30 will incur a £7 delivery charge, for orders of £30 or over delivery is free in the UK.

So, if you live in H&I it means you can now order a reasonable amount of cheese without the ouch of those courier charges.

For example, within that less than 1.5kg weight but £30 or over spend sweet spot are: 
- Selection Pack £30
- Bluebell Cutting Cheese £30
- Non-blue triple pack (coming after Christmas) £30 
- Or a mix of products (for example a Bluebell Individual Truckle, 0.5kg of Carrick and 0.3kg of Cheddar £30.50)

Our web wizard Rachel has recoded the delivery section of the website to apply these new delivery rates, but if you encounter any problems do give us a call on 01557 814040.

Please note, purchases of cheese subscriptions or gift vouchers are not factored in to delivery charge calculations because these are voucher based products that are sent by email.

Stock update as of 6th December: All stocks of non-blue cheese are still very low, so we have temporarily removed Laganory and Rainton Tomme from our online shop. We are hoping to have fresh batches ready middle of next week, so, all being well, we might be able to add a couple of products back into online shop towards the end of next week.