Mature Skinny Red (250g)

A traditional and natural mature red farmhouse cheese, made with lower fat milk

With its beautiful deep colour and nutty flavour notes, this is a traditional red farmhouse cheese.

This batch has been maturing in our cheese store for almost 7 months, almost twice as long as we mature our regular Skinny Red batches for.

The texture is similar to our normal Red, maybe a little drier. The main difference is the flavour, this matured batch has a stronger and punchier flavour profile. We really like it and we hope you do too. It pairs really well with Smoked Gold, which is also made with our seasonal lower fat milk.

The way we manage our herd means there’s a seasonal cycle to the composition of the milk, and what fluctuates most is the butterfat content. During January and February, the butterfat content of our milk is so low that we can't make our usual cheeses so we make our Red and Gold cheeses instead.

Made with unpasteurised milk from our cow with calf organic dairy farm. Cheese is cut to order to maximise shelf life. This cheese has a best before date of five weeks after cutting.  Photos are for illustration only and do not represent a 250g wedge.

250g wedge.

£28 per kg

Your cheese order will be delivered in Woolcool packaging, a system of eco-friendly insulated packaging made from sheep’s wool. This packaging keeps our cheeses below  5oC  for 48 hours so that they reach you perfectly chilled and ready to enjoy. Cheeses are sent using a next day delivery courier service, however occasionally delivery can be delayed. This is happening more frequently during the coronavirus crisis and so we cannot guarantee delivery on your requested date. Please be reassured that our insulated packaging and chill packs have been designed to accommodate at least a 48 hour delivery window. Therefore, if you receive your cheese a day later than expected, the cheese will be absolutely fine. The Sorba-freeze ice packs we use are reusable, they can be dehydrated (on a radiator) and rehydrated with water and refrozen.

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