Scottish Cheese Selection (with blue)

A cheeseboard friendly bundle of Scottish cheeses

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We are a relative newcomer to the Scottish artisan cheese scene, and the advice and support we’ve received from other cheesemakers over the years has been invaluable.  So we wanted to create some cheese bundles that showcased some of our favourites; and not just cheese made from cow’s milk.  This bundle includes some of Scotland’s most well-known speciality cheeses from goat and ewe milk. Most frequently found on the cheeseboards of high end restaurants, these cheeses are now easy to buy and enjoy at home. 

This bundle is designed for people who enjoy blue cheese, and it includes two blues - one of which is our own Bluebell truckle.  The other blue cheese is the beautiful Biggar Blue, a strong blue cheese made from unpasteurised goats milk and vegetarian rennet. Strong in flavour, firm and creamy in texture, this cheese is made by Errington Cheese in Lanarkshire with milk from their own goats. 

Errington’s also produce the third cheese in this bundle, and possibly the most well-known. Corra Linn is a hard ewe’s milk cheese that’s been matured for around 12 months. This cheese is made in a very traditional way, using animal rennet, so unfortunately it’s not suitable for vegetarians.

The fourth cheese in this bundle is also not suitable for vegetarians, but it’s such an iconic Scottish cheddar that we wanted to give people the option to try it. Isle of Mull Cheddar is a full flavoured cheese made with the unpasteurised milk from cows that follow a very unusual diet. As well as grass and silage, the cows in this herd get to eat the slightly fermented grains from a nearby whisky distillery, and that flavour comes through.

We know these bundles won’t be suitable for everyone, but we’ve explained in a bit more detail the story behind these farms and why we’ve created these bundles in our blog.

Not suitable for vegetarians

Standard retail packs  of Bluebell, Biggar Blue, Corra Linn and Isle of Mull Cheddar. Minimum total weight 900g. When one of our core range of cheeses is in short supply we may substitute for an alternative or limited edition cheese.

Your cheese order will be delivered in Woolcool bags, a system of eco-friendly insulated packaging made from sheep’s wool. These special cool bags keep our cheeses below  5oC  for 48 hours so that they reach you perfectly chilled and ready to enjoy. Cheeses are sent using a next day delivery courier service, however occasionally delivery can be delayed. This is happening more frequently during the coronavirus crisis and so we cannot guarantee delivery on your requested date. Please be reassured that our insulated packaging and chill packs have been designed to accommodate a 48 hour delivery window. Therefore, if you receive your cheese a day later than expected, the cheese will be absolutely fine. The Sorba-freeze ice packs we use are reusable, they can be dehydrated (on a radiator) and rehydrated with water and refrozen.

Standard Delivery Charges

Taster, Mini Taster & Selection Packs and Cheesy Night In


Cheese Order value of £35 or over

UK Mainland - free
Scottish Highland Mainland - £10
Scottish Highland Mainland (parcel content weighs under 1.5kg) - free
Highlands & Islands, Northern Ireland (parcel content weighs over 1.5kg) - £25
Highlands & Islands, Northern Ireland (parcel content weighs under 1.5kg) - free

Cheese Order value below £35

UK Mainland - £7
Scottish Highland Mainland - £15
Scottish Highland Mainland (parcel content weighs under 1.5kg) - £7
Highlands & Islands, Northern Ireland (parcel content weighs over 1.5kg) - £25
Highlands & Islands, Northern Ireland (parcel content weighs under 1.5kg) - £7

For full details of the postcode areas covered by each area, please see the Delivery page